Great place to watch your kids play. They have a great viewing area inside and out with comfortable chairs. They have heaters for the spectators and good sized dressing rooms for the players. They also have a great concession with lots of food options.

Jessica Wright
June 30, 2021 via Google

Allowing one parent in per skater

Paula Willock
September 21, 2020 via Google

Kids loved it

Howard N. Slack
January 18, 2020 via Google

Good rink. Good food.

Tammy Serbu
March 16, 2019 via Google

The burger was great! Pro tip, only order one to share with fries lots of food!

Amy Stoik
January 27, 2019 via Google

Good arena, a little choppy around the boards

brent irwin
January 12, 2019 via Google

Love this rink. The food is great and kids always have a blast here.

Tom Sverino
July 28, 2018 via Google

Great community rink, always clean and nice little concession with good "rink" food.

Steve Kozan
May 10, 2018 via Google

Nice facility with large dressing rooms a good concession and upgraded seats this season

Cameron Wright
January 28, 2018 via Google

Member owned rink- good governance

Jason Duke
September 15, 2017 via Google

Individual seats, heated viewing area, good menu at kitchen.

Mark Konecsni
March 11, 2017 via Google