Advertise with Us!

Our facility has tremendous exposure from its location on the busiest corridor in the province with close to 20,000 vehicles daily on the TransCanada Highway. We are open all year round with near capacity usage. Estimated visitors per year to our facility is well over 100,000.

The community support is second to none, and we are very thankful for the number of local businesses that contribute to our efforts to provide a great facility. In order to continue to offer top quality services and keep ice rental rates affordable, advertising is an important source of revenue for our rink.



All advertisers are responsible for getting their own interior and exterior signage made and delivered to Communiskate and we will install.  Included in the following pricing is your digital logo displayed on our website.

External Wall Signage

16X30 lighted wall space facing Trans Canada Highway

  • $3000 PLUS GST for one year ($3150)
  • $8100 PLUS GST  for three years ($8505) ONE TIME PAYMENT

8x20 Lighted wall space facing Trans Canada Highway

  • $2400 PLUS GST per year ($2520)
  • $6480 PLUS GST for three years ($6804) ONE TIME PAYMENT

Rink Boards and Arena Wall Space

  • Rink Boards Measure 33.5” x 96”
  • Wall Boards Measure 48” x 96”
  • $800 PLUS GST per year ($840)
  • $2160 PLUS GST for three years ($2268) ONE TIME PAYMENT
  • The sign can be made of Thin Styrene or similar material and must be 0.030 inches thick (which is roughly 1/10th of an inch thick)

Stand Up Tables in the Bleachers Centre Ice

  • Diabond Signage Measures 45" x 18 1/8"
  • Printed Part of Signage should be 42" x 15.5" - (1.5" border all around)
  • $375 PLUS GST per year ($393.75)
  • $1012.50 PLUS GST for three years ($1063.13)

Dressing Room Sponsorship

  • Renovations and room improvements are the clients responsibility and needs approval by the Communiskate Board before proceeding
  • $1000 PLUS GST per year ($1050)
  • $5000 PLUS GST for 5 years ($5250) YEARLY PAYMENTS
  • Option to pay $4000 PLUS GST ONE TIME payment for 5 years ($4200)


  • Each advertisement shall conform to the specifications outlined by Communiskate and shall only contain Communiskate’ s approved content.
  • The advertiser will professionally supply and install the wrap the BIN only, which must be pre-approved by the Communiskate.
  • Upon expiration of the advertising agreement, the advertiser will remove the advertisement unless a renewed agreement is approved and the fee for the new term has been received.
  • There will be no reimbursement should the arena be closed for maintenance or any other temporary or unplanned closures.
  • Minimum 2 year contract $5000.00 per year plus GST
  • Included in these prices is your logo is placed on our website