Communiskate Restrictions Updated April 30, 2021

 The following guidelines MUST be adhered to - the items that are bolded are new as of April 30, 2021.  There will be ZERO tolerance of verbal abuse to the staff thank you to everyone for cooperating.

  • Face Masks are required for everyone entering the arena and must not be removed at anytime.
  • Masks are required for all ON ICE activities
  • EVERYONE that enters the building is required to use the hand sanitizer at the front entrance prior to entering the arena
  • Scrimmages are NOT allowed strictly conditioning/skills that are performed 3 meters apart
  • Athletes of any age may continue practicing, conditioning, and skills training TWO groups of 8 or fewer, abiding by the required mask use and at least three metres of physical distancing between participants at all times and 5 metres between groups
  • Coaches /trainers are not included in the training group numbers as long as they are masked and maintain a minimum physical distance of three metres.
  • Spectators - there is a MAX of 30 in the building so it will be the teams responsibilty to ensure that the numbers work.  If you have 16 skaters on the ice that will only allow you 14 Spectators - If spectator precence is not necessary to these practices please take advantage of the Live Barn feature
  • For players that do require assistance it is recommended that they come to the rink in as much equipment as possible. Any players that require assistance can have only 1 parent/guardian in the dressing room and that person must wear a mask while in the dressing room. 
  • Coaches/Instructors will ensure that all participants agree that if they are sick or symptomatic, they will stay home and contact HealthLine 811 for further guidance
  • Groups must take attendance and do Covid 19 screening for those coming in for their sessions including spectators.  This information will be used for contact tracing purposes.
  • The coaches/assistants will communicate with their skaters/spectators on the entry and exit program, skaters should only arrive 15 minutes prior to their allotted ice time and are responsible to ensure the participants have exited the dressing rooms 10 minutes after their ice time
  • Dressing Rooms are open and are clearly marked with social distancing signage each room can hold 10 skaters social distanced 3 meters apart
  • Water Bottles will be filled at home and marked with players name and under no circumstances will they be shared and they will be spaced out along benches
  • NO INTERPROVINCIAL Players/Skaters/Participants/Coach/Instructor
  • The coaches and participants and spectators are required to follow the rules outlined; they will be monitored by our arena staff to ensure that the process is being followed. If they are not being adhered to, they will be excused from the facility
  • It will be the renter’s responsibility to forward the rules of Communiskate to the parents/spectators and participants, everyone is required to follow them

FURTHER INFORMAION ON SPECTATORScan be found under the COVID19 tab on the home page.

Communiskate Restrictions