Spectator Guidelines Updated April 30, 2021


Communiskate has the following guidelines in place for spectators to ensure that we can execute the proper sanitizing for all areas after each booking, the new restrictions that were added for April 30th are in bold. Thank you for your cooperation and allowing us to help keep you safe!

  • If your attendance is not necessary to these practices please take advantage of the Live Barn feature 
  • Spectators - there is a MAX of 30 in the building so it will be the teams responsibilty to ensure that the numbers work. If you have 16 skaters on the ice that will only allow you 14 Spectators - please ensure these rules are followed and worked out amongst your group
  • Face Masks are mandatory ON AND OFF THE ICE
  • Do not enter the building until the start time of your skaters session and exit immediately after
  • Once in the building please sanitize your hands and ensure you are signed in with your associations for contact tracing
  • Wait in the lobby for the outside bleachers to be disinfected, there will be signage in front of the doors leading to the bleachers outside, this signage will instruct you to wait until you receive the all clear from the rink attendant to proceed
  • Everyone is required to proceed outside to the bleachers and ensure you are social distanced in the seats as they are all marked accordingly
  • Once the session is complete EXIT the building immediately using the exit door by the Referee room

Spectator Guidelines