Communiskate Phase 4 Restrictions Sept 14, 2020

Communiskate Inc and all affiliates of Communiskate Inc are not liable for property damage, personal injuries, or other claims arising from or in connection with your rental of ice time

COVID19 has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the WHO.  Communiskate has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread, however, Communiskate cannot guarantee that you or any participants will not become infected with COVID19

Coaches will ensure that all participants agree that if they are sick or symptomatic, they will stay home 

EVERYONE that enters the building is required to use the hand sanitizer at the front entrance prior to entering the arena

We are encouraging spectators to wear masks but not mandatory as of now

Maximum of 25 skaters on the ice and can be up to 5 coaches (total of 30) We only have enough room in our dressing rooms to social distance 25 skaters, the coaches will need to utlize the table in the lobby

Maximum of 25 spectators in the building and the rules surrounding spectators are as follows

  • ONE spectator per participant
  • each spectator is required to sign in upon entry and ONLY enter the building 5 minutes prior to your participants ice time (we need time to disinfect between groups)
  • there will be one designated area in the arena for spectators outside in the bleachers please stay within those parameters, they will be clearly marked
  • No matter if you are in the same family please social distance every second seat will be marked off - this allows our staff to not have to monitor the social distancing for the spectators as their job is to ensure the facility is disinfected to keep you and your families safe
  • Exit the building immediately after the session is complete using the EXIT door by the referee room

The coaches/assistants will communicate with their skaters/spectators on the entry and exit program, skaters should only arrive 20 minutes prior to their allotted ice time and are responsible to ensure the participants have exited the dressing rooms 15 minutes after their ice time

Dressing Rooms are open and are clearly marked with social distancing signage, we would encourage coming dressed but if it is not feasible, they can be allowed to dress and undress in the rooms.  Showers are not available at this time as they are not individual stalls and the washroom in the lobby will be open for use, the dressing room washrooms will remain closed at this time.  If you are part of a mini league social distancing is not mandatory in the dressing rooms but you are encouraged to wear a mask.

The younger groups that cannot tie their own skates and need assistance will be required to completed prior to coming into the facility

Monitoring of social distancing will be watched by the on-ice coaches

Water Bottles will be filled at home and marked with players name and under no circumstances will they be shared

NO INTERPROVINCIAL Players/Skaters/Participants/Coach/Instructor

The coaches and participants and spectators are required to follow the rules outlined; they will be monitored by our arena staff to ensure that the process is being followed. If they are not being adhered to, they will be excused from the facility

It will be the renter’s responsibility to forward the rules of Communiskate to the parents/spectators and participants, everyone is required to follow them

Thank you for taking the necessary precautions and doing what you can to limit the spread of COVID-19. By working together and going the extra mile, as an organization and as neighbors, we can make a difference. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Have fun and stay safe!