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Our facility has tremendous exposure from its location on the busiest corridor in the province with close to 20,000 vehicles daily on the TransCanada Highway.   We are running a sold-out facility again this Spring/Summer with near capacity usage from some of the many AAA Hockey programs that practice weekly. Estimated visitors per year to our facility is well over 100,000.
The community support is second to none, and we’re very thankful for the number of local businesses that wish to contribute to our efforts to provide a great facility.  In order to continue to offer top quality services and keep ice rental rates affordable, advertising is an important source of revenue for our rink. 
Some examples of where you can create visibility for your business are:
Space Available Annually 3 Year *
Arena Board Advertising     (3’x8’ signage) $    800 $  2,000
Interior Arena Wall Signs     (4x8’ signage) $ 1,000 $  2,500
Exterior Wall Signs          (20’x30’ signage) $ 4,200 $ 11,000
 * If pre-paid for all 3 years

If you have questions, or would like further information on Communiskate Inc., please call:
Kayla Thompson
Advertising Director
Paula Runge
(306) 527-7616 (306) 540-7704

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